Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer bohemian look!

Bohemian and summer is like a perfection! A combination of mysterious and sexy is way to express personality. Black eyeliner, headband with beautiful feathers, fringe, messy curly hairstyle; mix and match with gold accessories with loose and short top. Expressing freedom, peace and love. Maybe in general, girls should have dressed pretty, feminine and sexy in black silhouette dress, BUT, bohemian is another way to get wild and sexy look. I would like to share my personal tips

1. Get your hair curl and mess it up
2. Wear a headband or scarf on your head
3. Pick a loose cropped top
4. Matching it up with short denim or ripped jeans
5. Gold accessories, try to get double-ring and feather earring
6. Look at Nichole Richie style for reference. Truly bohemian fashionista!

Bohemian Identical:
Brown, white, red, blue, loose shirt, ripped jeans, gold accessories, earring, lot of rings, long detailed dress, fringe

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